From workshops, seminars and community projects to one to one therapeutic mentoring and individually tailored support packages,  Engage will always find the right way to support and motivate people to succeed.  We create bespoke programmes to suit a wide range of individuals from children and young people, long term unemployed, youth work professionals, parents and carers, to budding social entrepreneurs seeking support and advice to bring their ideas to life.


We aim to help tackle issues and problems within communities by co-ordinating and facilitating support services and projects that are responsive, relevant and accessible.

Our current goals include:

  • Advocacy and exchange centre for information and access to local support services

  • Provider of Youth Support Services ( see projects ) including group and one to one support and training.

  • Provider / coordinator of support services and sessions for community groups, vulnerable groups eg.  young parents, gay and lesbian, young men and women's support groups etc

  • Helping local communities to establish a regular “Community Elders Meeting” inviting local people across the spectrum of influence in their community, and also inviting local police, community workers, officials etc.  These meetings provide open discussion focusing on support, resolving community issues and sharing information.

Who are we?

Engage was founded by Mark McCready, Therapist, Trainer and Foster Carer, who has a wealth of experience working across the Youth, Community, Education and Arts sectors (see About us) and has developed innovative and engaging skills and techniques to motivate and empower people.  Engage also consists of Youth and Education professionals who sit on the management committee, and/ or offer training and support through Engage's services and projects.  We also have (and are seeking) Volunteers and freelance Project Workers who share Engage's commitment to the education and empowerment of communities. 

What you can do for us

As an organisation in its early phases of development we are seeking new trainers, volunteers, committee members and anyone who has an interest in the type of work we do and would like to offer their skills, advice or support in any way.  If you think you might have something to offer, even if its as little as a few hours a month, then please get in touch using the contact us section.

Mark McCready
BA(hons) Ed Drama, QTS, Dip Hyp, LHS, MiFL
Clinical Therapist, Dramatist, Teacher/ Trainer


Mark has over 20 years of experience working professionally in youth, education, theatre, psychotherapy and social sectors and is an experienced Foster Carer providing therapeutic placements for truamatised children. He has developed an extensive tool kit of skills and techniques which have enabled him to deliver effective workshop and training seminars on a wide range of issues and subjects. He has integrated his wide ranging expertise into a seamless mix of entertaining exercises and tasks which contain embedded developmental strategies, designed to enhance skills and tackle issues.

Mark works from the principle that everyone has the innate abilities within to heal and overcome most of life difficulties and problems, becoming self empowered to achieve beyond their dreams and expectations.   All that is required is the correct knowledge and understanding of the nature of mind and body and how they function in response to learnt experiences; to recognise patterns which hamper progress, and replace them with processes that enable rapid healing and growth.


"I have always found Creative Co-operation services to be excellent value. They have helped me to create teams from a diverse range of people, including putting together a programme that enabled us to bring together four organisations to work as one. Their programmes are always creative, inclusive and real fun. I wouldn't use anyone else."
Mark Lake- Support Services Manager, Westlea Housing Group. Mark Lake is employed across the support and housing sectors as a troubleshooter and team builder. He has used us repeatedly for team building events on a variety occasions.

"I have got to know my colleagues in a great fun and very enjoyable session! Thanks!"
Staff Team Building Participant

"I'm now much more aware of creativity needed in work and team building, Good laugh!"
Staff Team Building Participant

"I really enjoyed the session and now im more aware of bullying and what to do."
Bullying Workshop Participant 16yrs

"Now I understand better how bullying happens and I loved doing the acting bits"
Bullying Workshop Participant 18yrs

"I will take away skills and experience from this. All of it was great and I would do it again."
Assertiveness Workshop Participant, 17yrs

"I will take away some more new skills and experience, also a little more confidence"
Assertiveness Workshop Participant, 16yrs

"I am now more confident about speaking my feelings. I enjoyed the whole session"
Assertiveness Workshop Participant, 16yrs

"After doing the workshop I realised how stressed I get sometimes. Now i can do something about it"
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety Workshop Participant- 17yrs