The core methodology is drawn together from Mark's knowledge, keen interest and continuing professional development in areas of pedagogy, positive social-psychology, physiology, applied theatre, and hypnotherapy.  New discoveries and forgotten techniques are woven together along with solid common sense methods to create a holistic and comprehensive approach for dealing with almost all of life's issues and challenges. All are presented in engaging, informative and jargon free seminars, workshops and presentations which are specially designed to reduce boredom and information overload, and maximise fun and in turn retention of information and learning.

Over years of working with young to old, unskilled to professional, Mark has developed and honed his highly effective and creative motivational and therapeutic techniques.  From solving problems, dissolving barriers and find new approaches in work and play, at home, school, with friends, clients, customers and colleagues alike, these techniques can be learnt and used by all across every aspect of life to make immediate, positive changes.

Marks past projects and achievements have included :

Artistic Director, Course Leader and Lecturer at TEMPA - Tutoring, teaching, directing and creating theatre with young people 16+ at all levels from those with learning difficulties to the talented and gifted. At Tempa Mark successful produced and directed six annual plays performed at the Theatre Royal's Youth Theatre- The Egg.

Founder and Project Director - Creative Co-Operation - an adult and youth training organisation working on social issues, co-operation and team-building and which provided the foundation for Co-Create.

Strong Minds Advocate for the Foyer Federation - working 1-2-1 and with groups of 18-25yrs. Raising awareness and providing support with mental health issues and developing life skills and strategies.

Film Director and Project Facilitator - Campaign for Learning and The Roman Baths Museum - A project funded by the National Heritage Lottery fund working with a group of teenagers to create a short film for use in training museum staff on how to deal with young people.

Co-Founder and Project Director - Modern Artists Co-operative - an Arts focused not-for-profit organisation funded by the Peace and Reconciliation Programme. Based in Northern Ireland and working on conflict resolution and explorations of cultural traditions with young people from both sides of the sectarian divide.

Founder, Director and Lead Facilitator - Brick Theatre Company - A youth drama group based in Cardiff, Wales, all ages with general acting skills and social issues based drama.

Promotional Photographer and Photography Tutor -YMCA Greater Boston, Wolfsboro, USA - Youth Summer Camps -  inc B&W Print and Processing, 9-14yrs from all over USA, Canada and Mexico.

Founder and Lead Facilitator - Newcastle Drama Workshops - A youth drama group based in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, tackling social and cross community issues.