Content and Structure

Our fully comprehensive programmes range from basic Mentoring to Intensive Support Packages, and are always designed in full consultation with the Client.  We can also involve consultation with Social Workers, School. College, or other Professionals where relevant, and agreed with the Young Person.

Each individual programme differs in content and structure, but the core purpose remains the same,  to develop knowledge and skills that enable healing, stable progression, generate motivation and a healthy sense of well-being and self-esteem.  We aim to achieve this by exploring emotions, resolving traumas, teaching coping strategies and practical skills and abilities to enable independence, success and security; such as attending interviews /job hunting/ house hunting/ budgeting /accessing services /time management.  Packages consist of a balanced combination of solution based therapy;  emotional literacy;  therapeutic mentoring; social and life skills training and support.

Each programme is specifically designed around the Young Persons needs and aspirations, regularly reviewed and surveyed, so to be adaptable and responsive to current events, changes and progress in the Clients life.

Intensive to Basic Support Packages

Usually an Intensive Support Package consists of regular one to one sessions lasting 50 or 90 mins, plus additional planned informal activities or outings, designed to reinforce and support the learning taking place in the formal sessions.  The frequency of formal and activity sessions may taper off towards the end of the programme, as the Client becomes able to take more responsibility for targets and goals to be achieved between sessions. (see Example Programme Structure and Content )

A more Basic Mentoring and Support Package therefore might involve less frequent formal sessions (fortnightly or monthly) and less or no extra activity sessions. The more basic the support package the more the expectation is on the Client to carry out agreed tasks, activities and targets independently between sessions.

NOTE: It is important to be clear that although the process contains a certain amount of psychotherapeutic techniques, we are not offering intensive or intrusive psychological analysis. Rather we deliver a holistic balance of solution focused, resolution therapy, mentoring, and life skills training and support.  A majority of the work is delivered through engaging practical exercises and activities designed to enable and empower; providing the understandings, insight and skills to better achieve success and well-being in life.


We work to a strict confidentiality agreement between Mentor and Young Person.   We can also work to a shared confidentiality with Parents, Carers or Social Workers if the Client is in agreement.  This way we can ensure we are all working together with clear communication and in unison to support the Young Person.

We accept self referrals from Young People themselves and third party from professionals / organisations working with Young People.  Please contact us for a referral form or to ask any further questions.

NOTE: All Profits made through Engage are put straight back into the organisations  funds to enable us to provide free low cost support and training for young people and organisations who work with them.

Intensive Support Packages are a combination of solution based therapy; emotional literacy; confidence and self esteem building; social and life skills training, and therapeutic mentoring.

Each programme of support is specifically designed for the Young Persons needs in close consultation with Social Workers, Teachers and any other professionals working with them, and regularly reviewed, so to be adaptable and responsive to the Young Person's progress and needs.

Ordinarily a package would consist of regular 50 to 90 minute clinical sessions, plus additional planned informal activities or outings designed to reinforce and support the work completed in the formal sessions.

Although each programme differs, the core purpose is to develop knowledge and skills that enable healing, stable progression and a healthy sense of well-being. We aim to achieve this by exploring emotional issues, resolving traumas, teaching strategies and practical knowledge, gaining the skills and abilities to enable independence, success and security.

Programmes contain short term, solution focused, therapeutic activities and training. My practices and techniques are all based in published and proven social and positive psychological methods as well as developed and refined over my 20yr career in working with CYP. Most people find them to be highly effective, but they are not a replacement for intensive analytical psychotherapy for a traumatised child.

Pricing: Please see the Engage Pricing Chart for basic pricing structures for single or short term bookings. 
Our aim is to work with and help as many Children and Young People possible, we always endeavour to keep our pricing highly competitive, providing excellent value for money in exchange for highly professional service. We are always more than happy to negotiate a suitable programme that fits with your budget.

Free and Low Cost Slots - We have a limited number of free and low cost concession slots for referrals through Schools and Charitable or Voluntary Organisations. Please get in touch to see if we have any slots currently available.