Packages Breakdown

Intensive and Wrap around Therapeutic Mentoring Packages

We have a number of free and reduced rate spaces.  Please get in touch to discuss your

individual needs!


Each programme will be created specifically for the young person, including parents and professionals in the process as applicable.  They will vary in intensity and regularity as agreed. Therapeutic Support Programmes may include aspects of the following... 


Formal Therapeutic Mentoring Sessions (60 mins)

Face to face counselling, exploration of issues and therapeutic strategies

Note: Formal sessions are always conducted in a fixed setting therefore own transportation should be considered.


Extended Therapeutic Mentoring Sessions (90 mins)

Include face to face counselling and a regular therapeutic activity designed to increase abilities in agreed areas (eg social confidence, physical exertion, co-operation).  Will include pick up and drop off. 

Informal Structured Activity Sessions (60-90 mins)

60min regular informal activity

Can include training, education search, applications or job search and interview support etc


Informal Activity Support  

Support to attend meetings, interviews, pick up, drop off etc


 There are a limited number of free and reduced rates slots available.  

  • Children & Young People, Adult, Carer and Professional Training Seminars / Workshops ( In Person or Online Training available)

    Up to 4hr training sessions for up to 20 participants: including planning, delivery, travel (up to 40 miles round trip from BA1), resources, support materials and certificates.