ENGAGE runs a variety of projects and support services and we are always looking for new ways to reach out, support and empower Children, Young People and Adults in local Communities across the Bath area.

Here is brief overview of the Engage Projects we are 
currently running, or, we are in the process of launching.    For more information about any of them, or maybe to suggest a new project you would like to see us running in your community,  please get in touch using the Contact Us section.


We plan to facilitate open meetings in local community centres or halls across the Bath area, inviting local people across the spectrum of influence in the local community.  Also inviting Community Police Officers, Youth and Community Workers, Council Officials etc.  These meetings will provide open discussion forum focusing on resolving community issues, community projects, networking and sharing information on local support services and training.

Outdoor Rural Adventures, Camping Experiences and Nature Walks designed to educate Young People about the environment, the countryside code, and learn outward bound skills such as map reading, camping, outdoor cooking, wood craft and survival skills.  

Engage in Nature provides the opportunity to experience a journey of discovery, allowing participants to develop their skills and abilities in creative problem solving;  increase their versatility and adaptability, surviving without modern conveniences or technology, guided by experienced and qualified facilitators.

Engage's sister organisation focusing on discovering and sharing cutting edge research and innovation in the social, youth and science sectors.

Co-Create shares all its discoveries through free and low cost conferences, seminars, workshops and training events open to all who work in the social, education and youth sectors.

Visit the Co-create site here for further info and to find out how you can get involved.

Playing Games for Life! (9-15 yrs)

We plan to establish a regular evening of gaming for kids using a variety of games styles such as Dungeons & Dragons, Role Playing Games, Tabletop, Board Games and PC Mulitplayer Games, Drama and Theatre games, to help tap into the vast creativity of young peoples minds. Gaming in these ways enhances skills in visualisation and imagination and teaches creative problem solving, working co-operatively, and thinking "outside of the box"; all essential skills for success in life and work today.


The long term aim and ambition of Engage and Co-Create is to establish a rural therapeutic community, 100% ethically designed and structured based upon the latest science and technology, researched and tested through the work of Co-Create and Engage.


The C.R.E.A.T.E. Community

(Co-operative, Rural, Environmental, Arts, Therapeutic and Educational Community)


 Launching Feb 2014

Making Ideas a Reality (Open to all ages 16+)

A free regular support and networking meet-up group for people who have big ideas for social and community projects and are seeking help in bringing them to life.