A free support and networking group for all ages (16+) who have big ideas for social and community projects and are seeking help to bring them to life.

We facilitate training and networking for budding social entrepreneurs to help define and focus their ideas. Our training covers the practical skills of forming committees, running meetings, writing constitutions, applying for funding, promotion, networking and much more.  We will also have regular inspirational talks from successful local entrepreneurs and experts.

iGNITE meetings will be held weekly on Monday evenings 6.30 to 9.00pm starting early 2014 at the RECHOUSE in Twerton.  

iGNITE runs as a six week rolling programme with a different theme each week, so you can join at any stage in the 6 weeks and stay for the next series of sessions missed. 

Apply here to sign up for a place

or request more info here, putting IGNITE in the subject line.

Ignite Programme Overview
Each week we hope to have a different speaker from relevant areas of expertise to share their knowledge and advice.

Week1 - Defining Ideas
Introductions,  Icebreakers and meeting the others,
Informal talk from a local Social Entrepreneur sharing their valuable experiences and discoveries.
Explore the definition of a Social Enterprise and social entrepreneurism
Overview of the IGNITE Programme
Sharing our hopes and fears and discussing ideas and forming groups or pairs with similar aims.

By the end of session one we would hope to have formed a few groups, pairs and individuals who are well under way to defining specific projects they wish to develop.

Week 2 - Motivation and Moving Forwards
Developing Belief in Yourself and your Project
Networking, Recruiting, gathering support an inspiring Confidence in Others
Working with others - Colleagues, Committees and Volunteers
Making sure there is a need - Research, Surveys, Studies and Questionnaires

Week 3- Forming the foundations
Legal Structures, Constitution and Committees
Infrastructure - Resources you will need before you can begin
Website, Bank account, Insurances, Venue
Action Planning and Setting Targets

Week 4- The Essential Admin
Managing Budgets,  Funding and Finances
Finding funding and raising capital
Defining Charging structures
Advertising, Promotion and Press Releases

Week 5 - Getting Ready to Go!
Looking Ahead
Business Planning
Writing Policies
Launching your project

Week 6 - Up and Running?
Reviewing and Evaluating
Problems and Issues that arise

iGNITE operates a six week rolling programme that will repeat approximately every 3 months so people can join at any point, revisit sessions or stay for more than six for extra support.  

There is no limit to how many sessions you attend.