Through the work of Engage and Co-Create we hope to establish a rural therapeutic community, 100% ethically designed and structured based upon the latest science, and technology, researched and tested through the work of Co-Create and Engage.

The long term goal of both organisations is to gather support, funding and research to feed into setting up The CREATE Centre, an ethical rural therapeutic arts community village that would be planned and developed using the expertise and knowledge gathered through both Co-Create and Engage.  It would be built using the latest knowledge and understanding of self sufficiency and designed to meld into the landscape, built into the land, with minimum environmental impact and architecturally designed using latest knowledge on social design of communities.


Ideally it would include a small farm with crops and a small selection of animals, with the ideal location being near to accessible woods and a lake.  The Centre would also include Arts facilities including a open stage, music, dance and drama studio, art and craft facilities, teaching rooms and a main building or chalets having capacity to cater for and sleep up to 30 guests in total plus staff and volunteers accomodation.

 Among the many options to provide a wide variety of services the centre would run "new" teachings, events,  experience breaks, training breaks, away days, conferences with a workforce of  long-term and short-terms volunteers plus paid staff living both on and off site.  Organisations and partners who have worked with us in the development phases would benefit from being able to have a shared access to the centre and its resources.   Through the many connections formed through both organisations over the years the centre should have established a healthy customer base through our links with the communities and schools across the Bath area.


The whole community social structure would be based on the principles of equality,  contribution and co-operation.  A hierarchy of management would still exist, but that would be based on responsibility, legality and safety rather than “power over” or any form of higher status.  This idea is based on well documented research that shows inequality being one of the main causes of aggression and violence in people, and the more equal societies are, the higher the levels of health and wellbeing in its constituents..   

The social structures and work ethics would based in cutting edge science and research providing an example of how a community can really work in harmony.  These are some starting principles I have developed, but I expect the research of theories and principles to be the work of Co-create, gathering and processing it into a complete working model over several years forming and defining the plans and sourcing funding streams.  So through its work is clearing the way to bringing The CREATE Community into reality.

The core selling point is to create a micro therapeautic community using the latest, greenest, most forward thinking science's and technologies available to provide an example of the communities of the future and they can be harmonious, happy and beautiful places to live and learn. Expanding this understanding  into mainstream society through its work and education visitors return to their own communities, and are inspired to make changes at grassroots, accessing support through Engage to do so.

It is hoped that bringing this idea to as many people as possible through Co-Create and Engage will attract many groups, professional bodies,  engineers, scientists and professionals who are eager to see these new ideas and technologies in practice.  With the right approach and promotion I feel funding and donations will be fairly easy to attract as it ticks so many boxes for various different potential funding bodies and interest groups.