Foster Care Training

Specifically orientated to Foster Carers and Professionals who work with Children in Care

  • Tools and techniques for engaging teenagers
  • Managing behaviour and effective boundaries
  • Positive reinforcement and motivation
  • Developing healthy attachments
  • Working together with Trauma

 Learning to help Children and Young People with:

  • How self image is created, stored and changed
  • A closer look at the self’s (defeating,  awareness, and  esteem )
  • Practical methods to begin healing self hate and building self esteem
  • Daily living practices to create the positive home

Demystifying and working with common Mental Health Issues; Emotional Behavioural and Learning Disorders (EBD’s & LD’s).

  • A breakdown of the common issues in mental health from stress to psychosis
  • Accessing and working with external services (CAMS, CPN, Schools, Screening
  • Identifying and Supporting CYP with Dyslexia and Dyscalcula
  • Working with CYP on the Aspergers/Autistic Spectrum

Learning to help Children and Young People to:

  • Identify and overcome self defeating behaviors
  • Learn to enjoy life in the ”now”
  • Learn to start healing the past
  • Look towards a positive future
  • Build Self-Belief and Achievement